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Ok, so here's a thing.
One, I welcome our pear overlords. Two, I learned that the lolwut meme stems from here. Three, Check yer calandar before you believe shit today. Just focus, be you, and take every joke in stride.
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Name: Genso-Blaster
Type: Class XVI Blaster; Unique
Maker: TransTech
Origin: Unknown, possibly Transcendence City
Ammo: Spellcards
This weapon is the latest in Danmaku Dueling from TransTech, the leader in unique and otherworldly weaponry. Blast away enemies with superior firepower, or create new cards based on your enemies' own powers! Use the power of Difficulty Mix to create more powerful cards, and even make your own patterns! The Blaster includes Six difficulty cards, from Easy to the powerful Phantasm Difficulty, for a wide range of attacks!
Spellcards included
Lightning Mark "Thunerbolt
Lightning Crest "Thundershock"
Lightning Sign "Ion Storm"
Puppeteer's Mark "Transforming Transcendence Dolls"
Lunar Arrow "Rosetta Mission"
Lunar Arrow "Hyabusa Satelite"
Lunar Arrow "Apollo Invasion"
Lunar Shot "NASA Invasion" (Hard version of Apollo Invasion)
Lunar Shot "JAXA Invason" (Hard version of Hyabusa Satelite)
Lunar Shot "ESA Invasion" (Hard version of Rosetta Mission)
"Skyfall" (Last
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Lumina in RPG Maker VX ACE (Face) by playon999 Lumina in RPG Maker VX ACE (Face) :iconplayon999:playon999 2 2 Lumina in RPG Maker VX ACE by playon999 Lumina in RPG Maker VX ACE :iconplayon999:playon999 2 0 Fear Tech Luma by playon999 Fear Tech Luma :iconplayon999:playon999 1 2 Luma in Kisekae 2 by playon999 Luma in Kisekae 2 :iconplayon999:playon999 1 0 Aitos by playon999 Aitos :iconplayon999:playon999 0 0 Lumanare (RPG Maker VX Ace) by playon999 Lumanare (RPG Maker VX Ace) :iconplayon999:playon999 0 0 Harambe pls by playon999 Harambe pls :iconplayon999:playon999 0 2 Just for a badge by playon999 Just for a badge :iconplayon999:playon999 1 0 The Past and Future meet by playon999 The Past and Future meet :iconplayon999:playon999 0 0 Luma by playon999 Luma :iconplayon999:playon999 1 0 Bleh. (DA 16th birthday) by playon999 Bleh. (DA 16th birthday) :iconplayon999:playon999 0 0 Taylorsocks by playon999 Taylorsocks :iconplayon999:playon999 1 0 Kisekae2!Luma by playon999 Kisekae2!Luma :iconplayon999:playon999 1 4 theyuo's Myth meme by playon999 theyuo's Myth meme :iconplayon999:playon999 0 0


Not much to say this time... however, I will give my opinions. Maybe this was part of another one of Geno's magic spells, where he coul...

I honestly think that this may have been in an unused alternate ending with the first bowser battle in the prologue. Maybe you were to ...

Well, this certainly has my interest piqued. I know a lot about video games, and love to learn all about the betas and exactly what mak...


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Lumanare Maxima
United States

Steelers Stamp by TheMan268 Gaming Stamp: Hellbender by Ionosphere-Negate Team Aqua Support Stamp by TeamAquaSuicune Japan is not a fashion label 2.0 by ditto9 Myth Stamp - Basilisk by TheYUO Retro Gamer Stamp by Sora05 TOONAMI S.T.A.M.P by 4EverYoungKid I love ReBoot by thebadkitty Urotsuki Stamp by Desghostler asdjkaldjaksld by faeshit Mystic Quest stamp - crystal by Shade-Duelist

Stamp Explanations (in order)
Steelers: Team pride, man.
Hellbender: Proud Hellbender Pilot, and hope it will get the game known!
Team Aqua: If I EVER had to choose between Aqua or magma... yeah.
Japan culture: I want to learn japanese to understand the games, and their world. Plus, If I go, it would help.
Myth Stamp: Yep. I play Wizard101. A meme will be comin soon about my Wizard.
Retro Gamer: Yeah... self explanatory. I do retro games. BS-X included!
Toonami: Yeah, I watch Toonami.
I <3 ReBoot: Only recently found this show. love it to bits (no pun intended)
Urotsuki: God... what can I say about her in one line... She's a beautiful woman... :heart:
Gaseous Cloud: Luma. just... Luma.
Mystic Quest: Just... yes. This game was my childhood!
People who know me know I don't signal boost... but he needs it.

So here's the 411 people. There's this cool dude named Trainman3985, and yeah, his art's not for everyone, but he's a cool dude, and I love his work. Now I don't now if you'll read this... but to those that do: Mind takin' a look at his work? He's being hated on as of right now, and I think we should try to cheer him up, and make him feel good.

Go give the man support, and maybe watch him!

:icontrainman3985: :icontrainman3985: :icontrainman3985:
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